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51) Which painting was inspired by the atrocities of the Korean War?

After the suffering of the Second World War, Picasso made a number of monochromatic works concerned with atrocities in the Korean War. He painted four versions of Goat's Skull, Bottle and Candle, a still-life whose inspiration appears to have been the execution of the Communist partisan Nikos Beloyannis by the Greek government.

52) Who was the subject of Woman Dressing Her Hair?

In Woman Dressing Her Hair, Picasso depicts his mistress, Dora Maar, as grotesque: her ribcage like a hanging carcass of meat, her hands like goat's hooves wringing her hair, her skin hard and leathery, her body both bulbous and emaciated and her feet outrageously oversized. She's trapped in a small room with a purple floor and green walls.

53) Picasso once said: "Art is a lie that makes us realize ______."

"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand."

54) Who is the monk in Picasso's Three Musicians generally believed to represent?

Picasso had been close friends with French writer Max Jacob during the 1910s, but in 1921, Jacob decided to enter a monastery.

55) Picasso once said: "Cubism is not either a seed or a ______."

"Cubism is not either a seed or a fetus, but an art dealing primarily with forms, and when a form is realized it is there to live its own life."

56) In a series of narrative sketches created for the 1937 World's Fair, what dictator does Picasso depict as a monster?

In The Dream and Lie of Franco, Picasso depicts Spanish dictator Francisco Franco as a monster that first devours his own horse and later does battle with an angry bull.

57) Which of Picasso's paintings depicts a woman bathing in a tub?

In The Blue Room, Picasso depicts a young idealized woman bathing in a tub in what we can assume is her bedroom. The woman's figure and small studio background are typical of Picasso's blue period.

58) Picasso once said: "The idea of _______ has often made painting go astray."

"The idea of research has often made painting go astray, and made the artist lose himself in mental lucubrations."

59) What was Picasso's nickname for his mistress Eva Gouel?

Picasso made two paintings entitled Ma Jolie, his nickname for Eva Gouel (whose real name was Marcelle Humbert).

60) Picasso once said: "It isn't up to the painter to define the _____."

"It isn't up to the painter to define the symbols. Otherwise it would be better if he wrote them out in so many words! The public who look at the picture must interpret the symbols as they understand them."