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51) Who played Lex Luthor in the original 1978 Superman movie?

Academy Award winner Gene Hackman played Lex Luthor in the original 1978 Superman movie. Hackman's Luthor was gleeful and cartoonish, and provided the perfect foil to Christopher Reeve's Superman.

52) Which of the following does Batman NOT carry in his utility belt?

Batman does NOT carry reading glasses in his utility belt. (He's probably had lasik.) He DOES carry shark repellent (Batman #117), a crayon (Batman #149), and a backup costume (Batman #71).

53) Which member of the Green Lantern Corps is essentially a giant head with arms and legs?

Physically, Galius Zed distinguishes himself from other members of the Green Lantern Corps by his over-sized cranium which comprises the bulk of his body. Like others of his race, Zed does not possess a chest or abdominal area and his arms and legs protrude directly from his head.

54) What writer/artist has had the longest consecutive run on a single comic book?

Dave Sim wrote and drew Cerebus, a comic book series about an anthropomorphic aardvark, from 1977 to 2004 (300 issues), giving him the longest comic book run by a single writer or artist.

55) What teenager did Bruce Banner save from a gamma bomb?

When Rick Jones accepts a dare to drive out to a bomb testing ground in New Mexico, he has no idea that a gamma bomb is actually about to detonate. Dr. Bruce Banner pushes Rick into a protective trench and saves his life, but Banner absorbs the gamma rays and is transformed into the Incredible Hulk. Rick goes on to become a sidekick not only to the Hulk, but also to Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Rom the Spaceknight.

56) What was the Super Friends headquarters called?

The Hall of Justice served as headquarters to the Super Friends. It appeared in the very first episode of the series, which premiered on September 8, 1973. It was originally drawn by Al Gmuer, background supervisor for Hanna-Barbera for more than 30 years. Gmuer modeled the fortress after the art deco Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio, a train station turned museum.

57) What full-size dinosaur does Batman keep in the Batcave?

Batman has a full-size mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Batcave. He kept the T. rex as a trophy after his adventure on "Dinosaur Island" (Batman #35) which involved a mock big-game hunt during which he and Robin were attacked by robotic dinosaurs.

58) What trophy from the Batcave first appeared in World's Finest #30?

The giant penny in the Batcave is a trophy of Batman's defeat of The Penny Plunderer who first appeared in World's Finest #30.

59) What was the first appearance of Countess von Bludd?

Countess von Bludd, "host" of Scary Tales, first appeared in Charlton Bullseye #1 (January 1975), a magazine dedicated to the comics put out by Charlton.

60) What star of The Partridge Family had his own comic book?

David Cassidy had his own comic book put out by Charlton Comics from February 1972 to September 1973. It lasted 14 issues.