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1) Where is Shakespeare's Hamlet set?

The action of the play takes place in Denmark, where Hamlet is Prince.

2) Which of the following is NOT a sentry on the ramparts of Elsinore?

Hamlet's friend Horatio is invited to join the sentries on the ramparts because they've seen a ghost that looks like the late King Hamlet.

3) Which character says, "Frailty, thy name is woman"?

Hamlet makes this statement in Act 1, scene 2, while lamenting his mother's whirlwind marriage to Claudius.

4) Which character says, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"?

The sentry Marcellus makes this statement after the ghost beckons Hamlet to follow it.

5) What country has Denmark been feuding with?

Denmark has a long-standing feud with neighboring Norway, which culminated when King Hamlet slew King Fortinbras of Norway in a battle years ago.

6) What does Ophelia return to Hamlet?

Polonius forces Ophelia to return Hamlet's love letters to the prince while he and Claudius watch from afar to evaluate Hamlet's reaction.

7) What convinces Hamlet of his uncle's guilt?

Hamlet plots to stage a play featuring a death in the style of his father's murder. After seeing the Player King assassinated by his rival pouring poison in his ear, Claudius abruptly rises and runs from the room, proving his guilt in Hamlet's eyes.

8) Which character says, "To thine own self be true"?

As Laertes prepares to depart for France, Polonius gives him contradictory advice that culminates in this ironic maxim.

9) Who does Hamlet murder in his mother's bedroom?

Gertrude summons Hamlet to her room to demand an explanation for his strange behavior. Polonius, spying on the conversation from behind a tapestry, makes a noise, and Hamlet kills him, believing it to be his uncle.

10) Which character says, "Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind"?

Ophelia says this when she returns Hamlet's remembrances and he denies ever having given them.