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31) Which song did the BBC ban for alleged drug references?

The BBC banned all of these songs for alleged drug references.

32) What was the first Beatles album to include the complete lyrics?

Sgt. Pepper was the first major pop/rock LP to include its complete lyrics, which appeared on the back cover.

33) Who introduced John and George to LSD?

In early 1965, while they were his guests for dinner, Lennon and Harrison's dentist secretly added LSD to their coffee. Lennon described the experience: "It was just terrifying, but it was fantastic. I was pretty stunned for a month or two."

34) Which Beatles song inspired the most cover versions?

Composed by McCartney, "Yesterday" would inspire the most recorded cover versions of any song ever written.

35) What musician introduced the Beatles to cannabis?

On 28 August 1964, Bob Dylan was introduced to the Beatles by a mutual friend, the writer Al Aronowitz, at New York's Delmonico Hotel. Upon arriving at the Beatles' suite, Dylan suggested they have a smoke. The Beatles spent the next few hours in astounded hilarity, while Dylan looked on with amusement.

36) What was the name of Rocky Raccoon's girlfriend?

Her name was Magill and she called herself Lil
But everyone knew her as Nancy

37) What was the working title of Yesterday?

While touring in Paris, Paul McCartney tumbled out of bed one morning and found the tune to "Yesterday" in his head. At first, he thought he must have heard it somewhere before. He used the working title "Scrambled Eggs" until he could figure out the lyrics.

38) What Beatles song was taken from the Broadway musical The Music Man?

"Till There Was You" was written in 1957 for the Broadway musical The Music Man by songwriter Meredith Willson. Paul McCartney loved show tunes and wanted to cover it.

39) Who was "Got to Get You Into My Life" written about?

Paul McCartney actually wrote "Got to Get You Into My Life" as an ode to Marijuana. He says, "I kind of liked marijuana and to me it seemed it was mind-expanding, literally mind-expanding. So 'Got To Get You Into My Life' is really a song about that. It's not to a person, it's actually about pot."

40) What is Paul McCartney's middle name?

Paul's full name is James Paul McCartney.