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1) What instrument did George play on "Strawberry Fields Forever"?

On "Strawberry Fields Forever", George played slide guitar, timpani, maracas, and swarmandal, an Indian version of the zither or harp.

2) What religion did George embrace?

George embraced Hinduism and helped broaden the horizons of his fellow band mates as well as their American audience by incorporating Indian instrumentation in their music.

3) What was the first Beatles song that featured George on the sitar?

Ravi Shankar, a Bengali Indian musician and a composer of Hindustani classical music, inspired George to incorporate the sitar into "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)".

4) What band was founded by George and Olivia Harrison's only child?

Dhani Harrison, a British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and singer-songwriter, is the only child of George and Olivia Harrison. Dhani formed his own band, thenewno2, in 2002 and has performed at some of the world's most prestigious festivals including Coachella where Spin Magazine dubbed their performance as the "best debut performance of the festival."

5) What was the last song George recorded with the Beatles before their break-up?

George's last recording session with the Beatles was on 4 January 1970, when he, McCartney and Starr recorded the Harrison song "I Me Mine".

6) Which Beatle did George originally meet on a school bus?

While riding the bus to school, George met Paul McCartney, who also attended the Liverpool Institute, and the pair bonded over their shared love of music.

7) Which of the following Beatles songs did George write?

Although most of the Beatles' songs were written by John and Paul, albums from 1965 onwards contained at least two Harrison compositions. His songs for the group included "Taxman", "Within You Without You", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Here Comes the Sun" and "Something", the last of which became the Beatles' second-most covered song.

8) Why was George deported from Hamburg?

The band's first residency in Hamburg ended prematurely when Harrison was deported for being too young to work in nightclubs.

9) What was the first Harrison composition to appear on a Beatles single?

In 1968 his song "The Inner Light" was recorded at EMI's studio in Bombay, featuring a group of local musicians playing traditional Indian instruments, and released as the B-side to McCartney's "Lady Madonna".

10) George was often referred to as ...?

George was often referred to as "the quiet Beatle".