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21) What is the recommended drying or "seasoning" time for wood used to make a violin?

The drying or seasoning time for a piece of violin wood is generally ten years or more, depending on its size and thickness. Fifty year old wood is even better!

22) What movie did Duran Duran get their name from?

Duran Duran was named after a mad scientist from the Jane Fonda movie Barbarella.

23) What kind of guitar is carved into Jimi Hendrix's tombstone?

Jimi Hendrix's tombstone has a Fender Stratocaster carved on it.

24) Which musical term means to play a piece of music lively and fast?

The term "allegro" means to play lively and fast.

25) What was Bob Marley's song "I Shot the Sheriff" really about?

In the 2012 documentary Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend, Marley's ex-girlfriend reveals the origin of the lyrics. To the surprise of many, she explains that the lyrics, "Sheriff John Brown always hated me, For what, I don't know: Every time I plant a seed, He said kill it before it grow" was actually in response to the fact that Marley was very opposed to her use of birth control pills.

26) How many notes are included in a chromatic scale?

A chromatic scale includes all twelve notes of an octave.

27) What instrument is David Oistrakh mostly associated with?

David Oistrakh was a renowned Soviet classical violinist.

28) Which of the following is a type of bagpipe music?

Pibroch or Piobaireachd, which literally means "the art of the piper", is a solo bagpipe piece.

29) What is the most number of valves you will usually see on a tuba?

Tubas generally have from three to six valves, though some rare exceptions exist.

30) Who was the oldest living artist to top the UK Singles Chart?

The oldest artist to top the UK singles chart was Tom Jones, who was 68 when "(Barry) Islands in the Stream" reached the top in 2009.