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61) What was the original name of the Cleveland Indians?

The Cleveland Indians originated in Michigan in 1894 as the Grand Rapids Rustlers, a minor league team in the Western League. The team moved to Cleveland in 1900.

62) Who was the youngest MLB player to win MVP?

In 1971, Vida Blue became the youngest player (22 years, 64 days) in MLB history to win MVP.

63) What Chicago Cub was nicknamed "Mr. Sunshine"?

Nicknamed "Mr. Sunshine" for his sunny disposition, Ernie Banks played with joy and immense talent for the Cubs from 1953-71, though never making a postseason appearance. In 1958 and 1959, he won Most Valuable Player Awards and became the Cubs' first Gold Glove winner in 1960.

64) What nickname was used for the 1970s Cincinnati Reds?

The Cincinnati Reds dominated the National League from 1970 to 1979 to such an extent that they came to be known as the Big Red Machine. Over that span, the team won six National League West Division titles, four National League pennants, and two World Series titles.

65) What was the original name of the Houston Astros?

The Astros' original team name was the Houston Colt .45s, a reference to the famous Colt firearms company. The team itself used a Colt .45s logo, but was most often called just the "Colts", a somewhat ambiguous term as it also applies to young horses and skirted the legal issues that eventually influenced the club's abandonment of the name.

66) Reds manager Sparky Anderson once said: "I don't want to embarrass any other catchers by comparing him with __________."

Johnny Bench, a 14-time All-Star selection and a two-time National League Most Valuable Player, was a key member of The Big Red Machine, which won six division titles, four National League pennants, and two World Series championships. ESPN has called him "the greatest catcher in baseball history".

67) What player drew the Hebrew word "Chai" in the batter's box before each at-bat?

Wade Boggs was known for his superstitions. He ate chicken before every game, took exactly 117 ground balls in pre-game practice, and drew the Hebrew word "Chai", meaning "life", in the batter's box before each at-bat, though he was not Jewish.

68) What player holds the career record for being hit by pitches?

Hughie Jennings holds the career record for being hit by pitches with 287, followed by Craig Biggio who holds the modern-day career record of 285.

69) What MLB team is nicknamed "The Wahoos"?

Common nicknames for the Cleveland Indians include the "Tribe" and the "Wahoos", the latter being a reference to the team's logo, an Indian called "Chief Wahoo".

70) Who was the first player to reach 50 doubles and 50 home runs in the same season?

In 1995, Cleveland's Albert Belle had 52 doubles and 50 home runs.