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1) Where were the Chicago Bears founded?

The franchise was founded in Decatur, Illinois, in 1919, and moved to Chicago in 1921.

2) How much did George Halas pay for the Chicago Bears franchise in 1921?

Halas purchased the rights to the club from the A. E. Staley food starch company for just $100.

3) What Chicago Bears player left the team to form his own league?

After Grange became involved in a dispute with the Bears, he left to form the American Football League, which lasted only one season.

4) What rap song did the 1985 Bears record?

The "Super Bowl Shuffle" sold more than 500,000 copies and reached No. 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Over $300,000 in profits from the song and music video was donated to the Chicago Community Trust to help needy families in Chicago with clothing, shelter, and food.

5) What defensive formation did Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan popularize?

The 46 defense is an eight men in the box defense, with six players along the line of scrimmage. The name "46" originally came from the jersey number of Doug Plank, who was a starting strong safety for the Bears when Ryan developed the defense.

6) Which Chicago Bear was nicknamed the "Galloping Ghost"?

Chicago sportswriter Warren Brown nicknamed Grange "The Galloping Ghost", a nickname that resulted from him scoring five touchdowns the first five times he touched the ball in a 1924 game against the University of Michigan.

7) Which Chicago Bear was nicknamed "The Refrigerator"?

Perry was nicknamed "The Refrigerator" in reference to his imposing size, but his teammates called him "Biscuit", as in one biscuit shy of 350 pounds.

8) What were the Bears originally called?

Originally named the Decatur Staleys, the club was established by the A. E. Staley food starch company in 1919 as a company team.

9) What QB led the Bears to victories in four out of the five NFL Championship Games from 1940 to 1947?

Luckman was named the NFL's Most Valuable Player in 1943 and is considered one of the greatest long range passers of all time.

10) What new offensive formation did Bears coach George Halas invent?

The T-formation involved two running backs instead of the traditional one in the backfield.