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51) In 2010, a dispute arose over the ownership of which Michelangelo sculpture?

In 2010, a dispute over the ownership of Michelangelo's David arose when, based on a legal review of historical documents, the Italian Culture Ministry claimed ownership of the statue in opposition to the city of Florence, where it had always been located. Florence disputed the state claim.

52) What did Michelangelo study under Francesco da Urbino?

As a young boy, Michelangelo was sent to Florence to study grammar under the Humanist Francesco da Urbino. The young artist, however, showed no interest in his schooling, preferring to copy paintings from churches.

53) Which sculpture did Michelangelo leave behind in his studio when he left Florence for the last time?

The Genius of Victory was left in the artist's studio after his final departure from Florence in 1534 and became the property of his nephew, Leonardo Buonarroti.

54) Which part of Michelangelo's David was damaged in the 1800s?

In the mid 1800s, small cracks were noticed on the left leg of Michelangelo's David which can possibly be attributed to an uneven sinking of the ground under the massive statue.

55) How many times is God depicted on the Sistene Chapel ceiling?

God is depicted six times in the ceiling frescoes. Christ does not feature as an adult (the Christ Child appears among the figures under God's cloak in the famous image of God Creating Adam), because, apart from images of the sibyls, the ceiling is concerned only with the Old Testament.

56) How tall is Michelangelo's David?

A masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504, Michelangelo's David is a 5.17 meters (17.0 ft) tall.

57) How many children did Michelangelo have?

Michelangelo did not marry and had no children but was rumored to have love affairs with Tommaso dei Cavalieri and the poet Vittoria Colonna.

58) How much does Michelangelo's David weigh?

Made of solid marble, Michelangelo's David weighs 5,660 kg or 12,478.12 lbs!

59) What mythological figure is depicted in Michelangelo's The Last Judgment?

In the painting, Charon, the gatekeeper of the river Styx, takes the condemned souls to Hell's mouth.

60) How long did the restoration of Michelangelo's Pietà take?

After an unemployed geologist from Hungary won infamy on Pentecost Sunday of 1972 by leaping over the railings at St. Peter's Basilica to attack the Pietà with a hammer, master craftsmen spent 10 months picking through the rubble and piecing it back together.