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31) What was the name of Peter Parker's clone?

Benjamin "Ben" Reilly, also known as the Scarlet Spider, was Peter Parker's clone. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #149 (October 1975).

32) Which Spider-Man villain did NOT work for Oscorp?

Many of Spider-Man's enemies have worked at Oscorp, but not Mysterio.

33) The Daily Bugle newspaper first appeared in which comic book?

The newspaper first appeared in Fantastic Four #2 (January 1962), and its offices in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (March 1963).

34) Which of the following characters was Flash Thompson's love-interest?

Sha Shan was a Vietnamese national who was romantically involved with Flash Thompson. She was written out of stories in The Amazing Spider-Man #280 due to the anachronistic nature of the character's origins, but later reappeared in issue #622 as Flash's physical therapist.

35) What Daily Bugle reporter was Peter Parker's rival for Betty Brant's affections?

Edward "Ned" Leeds was a reporter for the Daily Bugle. He and Peter Parker competed for the affections of Bugle secretary Betty Brant, but Peter dropped out of the running when he realized that Betty wouldn't be able to accept his double identity as Spider-Man.

36) Which Spider-Man villain is the CEO of Fireheart Enterprises?

While originally depicted as a villain, Thomas Fireheart (a.k.a. Puma) gained a great respect for Spider-Man and eventually became his ally.

37) What is the Rhino's secret identity?

Aleksei Sytsevich was a thug who worked for Eastern Bloc scientists. The scientists subjected him to a process which gave him an artificial skin covering which granted him superhuman strength, and he became the Rhino, famously described by writer Mike Conroy as "one of Spider-Man's dimmest villains."

38) What character was portrayed by Alfred Molina in the 2004 film Spider-Man 2?

Set two years after the events of Spider-Man, the film finds Peter Parker struggling to manage both his personal life and his duties as Spider-Man, while Dr. Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus) becomes a diabolical villain after a failed experiment kills his wife and leaves him neurologically fused to mechanical tentacles.

39) In The Superior Spider-Man, what villain replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man?

The Superior Spider-Man was a series published by Marvel Comics from January 2013 to June 2014 that featured a reformed Doctor Octopus as the new Spider-Man.

40) Which of Peter's high school crushes married Harry Osborn?

Liz Allan was Peter's high school crush, although they never get together. Instead, Liz married Peter's friend, Harry Osborn.