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31) What was the first R-rated TV show?

In 1993, NYPD Blue became the first R-rated show in television history. Twenty-five percent of ABC's 225 affiliates chose to pre-empt the first episode.

32) What was the first TV show to involve an illegal abortion?

The first illegal abortion on television happened on Another World in 1964, when a character's boyfriend talked her into aborting their baby. The character later killed her boyfriend.

33) What was the name of the family dog on The Brady Bunch?

The dog that portrayed Tiger was named "Tiger" in real life.

34) What was the name of the detective agency owned by Maddie Hayes on Moonlighting?

The series revolved around cases investigated by the Blue Moon Detective Agency and its two partners, Madelyn "Maddie" Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and David Addison Jr. (Bruce Willis).

35) In Dark Shadows, what was the name of the spooky mansion where most of the action took place?

Collinwood Mansion is a residence featured in the Gothic horror soap opera Dark Shadows (1966-1971). Since its inception in 1795, Collinwood has been home to the Collins family--and other sometimes unwelcome supernatural visitors.

36) What was the name of Data's daughter on Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Lal was an android, constructed by Data in 2366 using his own positronic brain as a template. Data created Lal for two purposes: to attempt to re-create the work of his "father", Noonian Soong; and to experience the act of "procreation".

37) What was Tony Nelson's job in I Dream of Jeannie?

Major Nelson was an astronaut who first discovered Jeannie when his space mission was aborted and he parachuted to safety on an (almost) deserted island.

38) What was the name of Norm's wife on Cheers?

Norm had a wife named Vera who was often mentioned but never seen. When she finally made an appearance on the show, her face was covered in pie thrown by Diane (season 5, episode 9 "Thanksgiving Orphans").

39) In MacGyver what foundation did the title character work for?

MacGyver works as a "troubleshooter" for the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles, a non-profit think tank that often cooperates with government agencies, particularly the police or intelligence community.

40) What position did Sam Malone play for the Boston Red Sox before buying the bar on Cheers?

Sam was a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.