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71) Whose cover version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was voted "worst massacre of a The Beatles song ever" in May 2003?

According to Rolling Stone, Shatner claims he recorded "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" in the voice of somebody tripping on LSD. Nobody has ever tripped that bad.

72) What was the name of Spock's betrothed in the episode "Amok Time"?

Vulcans are bonded as children to fulfill the pon farr commitment, and T'Pring was chosen as Spock's mate. But when T'Pring arrives for the ceremony she brings Stonn, a pureblood Vulcan with whom she has fallen in love.

73) What is the name of Worf's son?

Alexander Rozhenko is the son of Worf and Federation Ambassador K'Ehleyr. He was born on the 43rd day of Maktag in 2366 and is a member of the House of Mogh and the House of Martok.

74) How did Captain Kirk's brother die?

Kirk's brother Sam was a research biologist on Deneva. When vessels from Ingraham B arrived carrying neural parasites, many of the colonists were infected, including Sam. Although his wife managed to send a distress call to the Enterprise, Sam died before help could arrive.

75) Which of the following is a Klingon insult?

"d'blok" is a Klingon insult, though the exact meaning is unclear.

76) In "Mudd's Women", what was the name of the pill the women took to stay beautiful?

In order to pawn the women off on unsuspecting husbands, Mudd gives them the "Venus Drug" which makes them appear more beautiful than they would otherwise seem.

77) What quadrant is home to the Founders?

The Gamma Quadrant is home to the Changelings, or Founders. The majority of it is ruled by the Dominion.

78) In "Mirror, Mirror", how do Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura end up on an alternate universe Enterprise?

An ion storm causes a transporter malfunction, and the landing team instead materialize aboard an unfamiliar Enterprise. Their alternate universe counterparts simultaneously materialise on the Enterprise in the Federation universe, and are thrown in the brig by Mr Spock who immediately recognizes the changed personalities of the barbarian landing party.

79) Who was originally cast as Counselor Troi?

Denise Crosby was originally cast to play Counselor Troi, and Marina Sirtis was cast as security chief Lt. Macha Hernandez, but they switched roles during rehearsals and the security chief's name was changed to Lt. Natasha Yar.

80) In "The City on the Edge of Forever", who is Dr. McCoy treating when he accidentally injects himself with an overdose of cordrazine?

Dr. McCoy is treating an injured Lt. Hikaru Sulu when the Enterprise is rocked by a distortion and McCoy accidentally injects himself with an overdose of cordrazine which makes him temporarily insane.