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51) Which of the following starships survived the Battle of Wolf 359?

Although it suffered heavy damage, the U.S.S. Ahwahnee survived the Battle of Wolf 359 and was salvaged after the battle and restored. Of the 40 starships Admiral J. P. Hanson gathered to battle the Borg, it was the only one to survive.

52) Which Star Trek captain loves baseball?

Sisko loves baseball, a sport that has largely disappeared by the 24th century. On his desk, he keeps a baseball given to him by an alien impersonating Buck Bokai, his favorite historical baseball player halfway through the first season.

53) Who convinced Nichelle Nichols not to leave Star Trek after the first season?

Nichols planned to leave Star Trek after the first season and return to musical theater, but a chance meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr. convinced her to stay. He was a fan of the show and felt that her character signified a future of greater racial harmony and cooperation.

54) Who was Spock's mother?

Amanda Grayson was a schoolteacher from Earth who married the Vulcan diplomat Sarek and gave birth to Spock in 2230.

55) Which Star Trek series has a female Chief Engineer?

B'Elanna Torres is the half-human half-Klingon Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Voyager.

56) What creature killed half the crew of the U.S.S. Farragut?

In "Obsession", Captain Kirk becomes obsessed with destroying a deadly entity he once encountered in his youth -- a dikironium cloud creature that killed half the crew of the U.S.S. Farragut when he was a phaser station operator on the ship.

57) Which Chief Medical Officer is a Denobulan?

Phlox is a Denobulan, and was on Earth as part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange when called to serve aboard the Enterprise. As part of the Exchange, he corresponds regularly with his human counterpart on Denobula Triaxa.

58) Which Star Trek captain was forced to impersonate a historical figure to preserve the timeline?

In "Past Tense", Sisko is transported to early 21st Century Earth where he accidentally causes the death of Gabriel Bell, an important historical figure in early 21st century America. Sisko takes Bell's place to preserve the timeline.

59) What Cardassian spy had a love affair with Chakotay?

In "State of Flux", Seska is revealed to be a Cardassian spy who had infiltrated a Maquis cell that was absorbed by Voyager. During her time with the Maquis, Seska had a love affair with Chakotay.

60) Which Star Trek captain was widowed?

Sisko's wife, Jennifer, was among the casualties of the Battle at Wolf 359.