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21) Who was originally cast as Captain Janeway?

Geneviève Bujold was originally cast as Captain Janeway but dropped out on the second day of filming.

22) Which of the following is a species of intelligent turtles?

The Rigellians were a species of intelligent turtles. According to information obtained by Doctor Phlox, they are believed to have four or five genders.

23) If Edith Keeler doesn't die in "The City on the Edge of Forever", what will happen?

Keeler was supposed to die in an accident that was prevented by McCoy when he stumbled through the time portal. Instead, Keeler started a pacifist movement, causing the United States to delay its entrance into World War II, allowing Nazi Germany enough time to develop a nuclear weapon and win the war. In order to undo the damage to the timeline, she has to die.

24) Which character serves as the head of security for the space station Deep Space Nine?

Odo is a member of a shapeshifting race called Changelings. He uses his unique abilities to maintain security on the DS9 station and, later, aids the Bajoran people and the Federation throughout the Dominion War against his own people, the Founders.

25) Who created the Bajoran wormhole?

Benjamin Sisko and Jadzia Dax are the first to make contact with the wormhole and its creators, noncorporeal beings known as the Prophets. It is they who provided Orb-like energy artifacts to the Bajorans that became the basis of Bajoran religion.

26) What type of weapons technology does a phaser use?

Phasers are common particle-beam weapons first seen in the original Star Trek series.

27) In Star Trek: Nemesis, what did Shinzon use to assassinate the entire Romulan senate?

Thalaron radiation, even in small amounts, petrifies living tissue almost instantly. Its properties allow its range and area of effect to be precisely controlled, from encompassing a single room to engulfing an entire planet.

28) What species, known to the Borg as "species 329", were deemed unworthy of assimilation?

The Kazon an aggressive warrior species from the Delta Quadrant, were divided into eighteen different sects. Each sect had possession of different natural resources over which the sects fought each other.

29) In "Mirror, Mirror", what has replaced the United Federation of Planets?

In "Mirror, Mirror", the Federation has been replaced by a brutal Terran Empire in which officers ascend in rank by assassinating their superiors, uniforms are more revealing, sidearms are standard issue (as well as daggers for officers), and senior officers routinely torture subordinates.

30) What was Majel Barrett's first role on Star Trek?

Majel Barrett, who would later marry Gene Roddenberry, made her Star Trek debut in "The Cage" (1964), Roddenberry's original pilot. She played "Number One", Captain Pike's unnamed first officer. She would later play Nurse Chapel (ST:TOS), Lwaxana Troi (ST:TNG) and M'Ress (ST:TAS), as well as the voice of the ships computer in multiple incarnations of the series.