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11) Who was the (Earth-2) daughter of Batman and Catwoman?

The Bronze Age Huntress was Helena Wayne, the daughter of the Batman and Catwoman of Earth-Two, an alternate universe where the Golden Age stories took place. However, she and Power Girl (Superman's cousin on Earth 2) were mysteriously hurled to the main DC Universe after a battle with Darkseid's minions.

12) What comic book featured Batman teaming up with a different hero each issue?

For most of its original run, The Brave and the Bold was a team-up book with the Caped Crusader as the book's main focus.

13) Which of the following characters did Bruce Wayne have a son with?

Talia told Batman she'd had a miscarriage, but actually left the child to be raised by the League of Assassins.

14) What superhero team did Batman found with Metamorpho and Black Lightning?

Batman founded the Outsiders with two heroes who had refused membership in the Justice League: Black Lightning and Metamorpho. Other founding members included Geo-Force, Katana, and Halo.

15) What former District Attorney became the villain known as Two-Face?

Once an upstanding Gotham City district attorney, Harvey Dent was driven insane after a mob boss threw acidic chemicals at him during a trial, hideously scarring the left side of his face. He subsequently adopted the "Two-Face" persona, becoming a criminal obsessed with duality.

16) What writer first referred to Batman as the "Dark Knight"?

The nickname was first applied to Batman in Batman #1 (1940), in a story written by Bill Finger.

17) Who killed Jason Todd (the second Robin)?

For 1988's "Batman: A Death in the Family" storyline, DC Comics held a telephone poll to determine whether or not Robin would die at the hands of the Joker. He was killed off by a margin of 72 votes (5,343 for, 5,271 against). After Jason is killed by the Joker and resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, he goes on to become the Red Hood.

18) What Batman villain lost his beloved wife Nora to a terminal illness?

When his beloved wife fell terminally ill, Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) obsessively searched for a way to cure her, until an industrial accident caused by a greedy business executive turned him into a mutant who can only survive in subzero temperatures.

19) What member of the Batman family became Oracle?

After being shot by the Joker and left paraplegic, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) reinvents herself as the computer expert and information broker Oracle.

20) What Batman villain was murdered and thrown into Slaughter Swamp?

Cyrus Gold was a Gotham City merchant who was murdered and thrown into Slaughter Swamp, where he was transformed into the undead, incredibly strong, zombie-like creature known as Solomon Grundy.