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51) Who is Dr. Jervis Tetch?

Inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter uses his mind-control technology to bend people to his will. He is well known for sporting a green-colored hat which is usually slightly oversized, as it houses his mobile mind-manipulating devices.

52) What villain first appeared in Batman #232's "Daughter of the Demon" (June 1971)?

Most notable as the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul's name in Arabic translates to "The Demon's Head".

53) What Batman villain formed an army in the sewers of Gotham, composed largely of the homeless?

Deacon Blackfire is a religious fanatic who claims to be a Native American shaman who was entombed alive after being found guilty of killing a tribal chief and committing heresy.

54) What character did Vincent Price play in the 1960s Batman television series?

Egghead believes himself to be "the world's smartest criminal," and his crimes usually involve some sort of egg motif. His henchmen use a variety of egg-shaped weapons.

55) Who was the first female Robin?

Julie Madison, Batman's first love interest, passed herself off as Robin briefly in Detective Comics #49 (March 1941). In this issue, Batman and Robin intervene when Clayface escapes from custody and goes after Julie. In the course of capturing the villain, she becomes the first female to don the Robin costume as part of a complicated deception.

56) What character helps design and build Batman's equipment?

After rescuing Harold Allnut from an angry mob, Batman gives him a home in the Batcave, working as a technological aide in his war on crime.

57) What character was recruited by Batman Incorporated to be the Batman of Paris?

Nightrunner is a 22-year-old Algerian Sunni Muslim French citizen that lives in Clichy-sous-Bois in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France. He was recruited by Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson for Batman Incorporated as the Batman of Paris.

58) What color was the original Batmobile?

Originally, Batman's vehicle was a red convertible without any special functions. The car's design evolved gradually. It began featuring an ever-larger bat hood ornament and an ever-darker paint job. Eventually, the predominant designs included a large, dark-colored body and bat-like accessories, including large tailfins scalloped to resemble a bat's wings.

59) Who is Bruce Wayne's business manager at Wayne Enterprises?

Lucius Fox is Bruce Wayne's business manager at Wayne Enterprises. The character traditionally depicted as being unaware that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

60) What Batman villain carves a tally mark somewhere on himself for each of his victims?

While Victor Zsasz was trying to commit suicide by jumping from Gotham Bridge, a homeless man assaulted him with a knife. Instinctively grabbing the knife, Zsasz saw in the man's eyes that all life is meaningless and that nothing nor anyone matters. He then proceeded to stab the man to death as a "gift" for saving his life. From then on, he dedicated himself to "liberating" others from their pointless existence.