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71) Which of the following is NOT a real Batman villain?

The naked mole rat is a real thing, but not a Batman villain.

72) What villain once tried to change Gotham's water supply into chocolate?

Sweet Tooth appeared in only one episode of The New Adventures of Batman in which he tried to change Gotham's water supply into chocolate and blackmail the city for five million dollars which he doubled to ten million after Robin made a pun about his weight.

73) Who provides secret lairs to Batman's enemies?

Sherman Fine, also known as The Broker, provides hideouts and secret lairs for Gotham City's criminals -- at a price. He's found places for the Joker, Catwoman, Mad Hatter and others.

74) Bruce Wayne's parents died outside of what theater?

Thomas and Martha Wayne were walking home from the Monarch Theater with Bruce, when they were gunned down by a mugger who wanted Martha's pearl necklace.

75) According to the 1960s TV show, how far is the Batcave from Gotham City?

A sign outside the Batcave says "14 miles to Gotham City".

76) What did Batman do in the very first episode of the 1960s Batman TV show?

After the Riddler spiked Batman's orange juice and abducted Robin, the caped crusader tried to pursue in the Batmobile, but a pair of Gotham cops wisely confiscated his car keys.

77) How much was Jack Nicholson paid to play the Joker in the 1989 Batman movie that also starred Michael Keaton?

When Jack Nicholson accepted the role of the Joker in 1989's Batman for $6 million instead of his then-average salary of $10 million, part of the deal was that Nicholson would earn a percentage of the film's total earnings, including merchandise sales. In all, for his work as the Joker, Nicholson is said to have pocketed over $100 million.