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61) What was the highest social class in early Imperial Rome?

According to Livy, the first 100 men appointed as senators by Romulus were referred to as "fathers", and the descendants of those men became the patrician class. Patricians were historically afforded more privileges than plebeians. Only patricians could hold political offices, and all priesthoods were closed to non-patricians. There was a belief that patricians communicated better with the Roman gods, so they alone could perform the sacred rites and take the auspices.

62) What was the name of the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan?

The samurai were usually associated with a clan and their lord, were trained as officers in military tactics and grand strategy, and they followed a set of rules that later came to be known as the bushidō. Their teachings can still be found today in modern Japanese martial arts.

63) For what crime was Margaret Sanger jailed in 1917?

In 1917, Sanger went to jail for distributing an early version of the diaphragm from a makeshift clinic in a tenement storefront in Brooklyn. Her conviction, when appealed, won an interpretation of New York law that allowed doctors -- though not nurses, as she intended -- to prescribe contraception for medical purposes. Under those constraints, she built the modern family planning movement.

64) What was the Year of the Five Emperors?

The Year of the Five Emperors refers to the year 193 AD, in which there were five claimants for the title of Roman Emperor: Pertinax, Didius Julianus, Pescennius Niger, Clodius Albinus and Septimius Severus. Out of this chaos, the Severan dynasty was born.

65) What famous criminal started a soup kitchen?

In 1931, the Chicago Tribune proclaimed that "120,000 meals are served by Capone Free Soup Kitchen," making Al Capone out to be a "Robin Hood". Many of those served by Capone said that he was doing more for the poor than the government.

66) What did ancient Romans use as mouthwash?

The Romans used human urine to purge bacteria from the mouth. First-century Roman physicians maintained that brushing with urine whitened teeth and fixed them more firmly in the sockets. Upper-class Roman women paid dearly for bottled Portuguese urine, the most highly prized, since it was alleged to be the strongest on the Continent.

67) Which pope wrote an erotic novel?

The Tale of Two Lovers was one of the bestselling books of the fifteenth century, even before its author, Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, became Pope Pius II.

68) Who did the Austrian army attack in the Battle of Karánsebes?

The Battle of Karánsebes was a friendly fire incident during the Austro-Turkish War of 1787-1791 that began as an argument over schnapps, but escalated by a series of mishaps into a great confusion in which Austrian troops fired at every shadow, thinking the Ottomans were everywhere, but in reality shooting fellow Austrian soldiers. Two days later, the Ottoman army arrived, discovered 10,000 dead and wounded soldiers and easily took Karánsebes.

69) What happened on January 28, 1986?

Space shuttle Challenger launched and landed nine times before breaking apart 73 seconds into its tenth mission, STS-51-L, on January 28, 1986, resulting in the death of all seven crew members, including civilian school teacher Christa McAuliffe.

70) Who was the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court?

On August 19, 1981, Ronald Reagan -- who had pledged during his 1980 presidential campaign to appoint the first woman to the nation's highest court -- announced he would nominate Sandra Day O'Connor. She received unanimous Senate approval and served for 24 years.